In order to build one car, you need several dozen factories to create over 15,000 - 20,000 parts and a giga-factory to assemble it.
But what if you could reduce all these costs by at least 50% and still not lose in quality and performance? Would you like to own shares in a company that owns such technology? How much would it simplify car production? How would it change the market? Very soon you will see it live on the streets of your city. The only question is whether you will make a profit from it or whether a silent electric car with innovative technology will simply pass by you.


A compact urban crossover ideal for any climate and weather conditions
Resistant to aggressive environments, the motor-generator wheel operates under water, at elevated ambient temperatures, in dusty and frosty conditions.
Simple and cheap power sources (helium low-voltage batteries).
The range without recharging is much higher than any existing technology.


A full-fledged off-road vehicle that will drive you far into the mountains or desert without the fear that you will run out of charge halfway. And also, thanks to the low starting current technology, it becomes possibile to additionally recharge from a wind generator at driving speeds from 20 km/h.
Right now you can order Lixiang L9 or X-CAR with wheel motor-generator in the pre-order section.
And also choose the configuration and delivery method.


Minibuses with extra long mileage levels, without recharging and maintenance.
It makes it possible to create better public transportation.
Permanent magnets hardly ever demagnetize due to the absence of electromagnetic conflicts. This makes the motor-generator wheel durable.


Trucks account for the largest amount of fuel consumed by motor vehicles on the planet.
And this is where our motor-generator wheel will create a huge effect in the industry.
High technology, ease of production and assembly. No complex special equipment is required.
Relatively low cost of the motor, 2-3 times lower than traditional engines.
The service life is 20 years.
The motor of Shkondin consists of only 5 units, there is nothing to break.


We have the opportunity to install the additional Shkondin wind turbines with capacity from 5KW to 25KW on cars.
Research and development work has been carried out on the project and positive results have been obtained. Implementation of the project will become the basis for creating a car that generates more electricity than it consumes. Thus the car will no longer need recharging.
The wind turbines will start working when the speed of the car reaches 20 km/h.
The 4 wheels of the motor-generator installed on the car + 2/3 of the wind turbines, one installed in place of the radiator grille and 1/2 on the roof of the car will create more than 100% of the power consumption.
This will be enough to ensure not only driving, but also air conditioning, heating and other necessary functions of the car.


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